4 Mistakes to Avoid When Smith Machine Deadlifting

Adding the Smith machine to your powerlifting routine is an effective way to break through training plateaus and elevate your strength. However, it’s important to prioritize proper technique and gradual progression when incorporating the Smith machine into your deadlifting routine to avoid injury.

The Bar is Too Far From Your Shins

When the bar is too far from your shins, you have to lean forward excessively during the lift, which can lead to rounding of the back and poor posture. It also limits the amount of weight that you can lift and increases the load on your spine, increasing the risk for injury.

You’re Jerking the Bar

Using momentum or jerking during your smith machine deadlift can reduce the quality of the lift and increase the load on your shoulders and elbows. It can also decrease the tension in your hip muscles, which can result in a lack of proper alignment and a greater risk of lower back injury.

Your Core Isn’t Engaged

Your core is a crucial component of performing an efficient Smith machine deadlift. Your core musculature, particularly the abdominal and back musculature, help stiffen your torso to effectively transfer force from your legs into the barbell. Without a strong core, you won’t be able to properly engage the movement and maximize its benefits.

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