ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection is now expanding to many more counties in the UK!

ADI Leak Detection specialise in a non-invasive investigation technique that can find and solve hidden water leaks. This is an excellent solution for both business and residential owners alike who are worried about their property being put under threat by a leaking underground pipe or underfloor tank.

There are several different methods of leak detection including:

Thermographic Methods
High quality thermographic leak detectors utilize the emissivity or infrared radiation (thermal heat) of the pipeline product being monitored and distinguishes it from background objects by this heat difference. This allows the leak to be detected and analyzed without ambient lighting.

Maximizing Your ROI: How ADI Leak Detection Saves You Money in the Long Run

The distributed temperature sensing method, which is also known as pulsed laser technology, consists of an installation of fiber-optic cable along the pipeline being monitored. A pulsed laser beam is emitted and then reflected by the pipeline material that is being monitored. When the reflection changes, a leak is detected.

This type of leak detection can also be used for pipelines that are subject to high levels of vibration or turbulence. The vibrations change the time delay between the emitted pulse and the reflected one. The time delay is analyzed to determine the location of the leak.

Biological methods

Biological leak detection is not considered to be a primary leak-detection method and is usually limited to small releases, particularly those that cannot be identified by other means. Some species of animal, such as dogs or rabbits, are trained to spot pipeline releases and may be used to locate them if they cannot be seen by other means.

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