Benefits of Circle Lens Contacts

If you want to change your look without spending a fortune, you might want to try wearing circle lense. They are popular among Asian pop stars. They give the impression that your eyes are bigger.

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Those who have never worn contacts before need to consult a doctor before purchasing. Also, remember that not all eyes are created equal. Some have a wider iris and others have a smaller iris. That’s why some colors may not be suitable for each eye.

Some websites selling contact lenses don’t provide instructions for proper care. That can lead to abrasion or swelling of the cornea. It can also limit the amount of oxygen available to the eye. If this isn’t the case, you could experience irreversible sight loss.

The most obvious benefit of circle lens contacts is their ability to make your eyes appear larger. They also create a doe-eyed effect. That’s why they’re often called cosmetic contact lenses.

You can get your hands on a pair of circle lenses for about $20-30 a pair. They come in a variety of colors and special effects. You can also get them in prescription strength if you’re needing to improve your vision.

The American Optometric Association has warned against the sale of novelty contacts. They can pose serious health risks and may result in irreversible loss of sight.

While circle lenses are great for fashion, they are not a substitute for eyeglasses. They are only worn for six to eight hours a day. They can also cause allergic reactions or conjunctivitis.

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