Bund Lining Systems

Bund Lining Systems

When storing Bund Lining Systems aggressive liquids a bund is essential to contain any spillage from the primary tank, vessel or container should the structure fail. A bund can be made from concrete, brick or steel – but many are lined with a glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass lining) or Polyurea lining system. The lining is used to protect the primary structure and enhance the fluid-tightness. This is especially important with concrete & brick structures as the lining prevents rusting and allows a longer life.

Sealing Success: Navigating the Features and Benefits of Modern Bund Lining Systems

The lining system is chosen based on the type of chemicals and effluents being stored. Depending on the chemistry a specific material will be selected and formulated to ensure an effective barrier is provided. The lining system is also tailored to the site environment and substrate conditions. This includes the level of contamination from previous spillage and structural movement in the bund structures.

Leaks, holes and contamination from unlined bund walls can lead to expensive site damage – as well as breaching Environment Agency pollution guidelines and resulting in fines of thousands of pounds. A fully complient and watertight lined bund can eliminate the risk of this by providing a secondary spill containment solution that prevents groundwater pollution and ensures regulatory compliance.

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