What to Expect From a Tantra School

Tantra School is an rare religious college dedicated solely to the true ancient tantric philosophies. Desire to boldly explore the advanced possibilities of tantra, yoga, and meditation has prompted seekers from all over the world by delivering true ancient wisdom in Tantra, Yoga and meditation in an accessible and clear manner. The original teachings of Lord Krishna are passed on through the tutelage of his beloved consort Goddess Lakshmi and have been handed down since ages by the sages and saints. This divine wisdom is passed on for better understanding of the noble science of Tantra. Tantra is the science of mastering the subtle energy which lies beneath the surface of matter and raising it to a new level of consciousness.

The Ultimate Guide To What To Expect From A Tantra School

A Tantra school is basically a globally certified private educational institution which specializes in the study and training of tantra and holistic therapy for couples and individuals who want to experience unparalleled personal evolution and spiritual evolution. Tantra schools are also very popular among people who wish to learn about and practice kashmiri shaivism or initiate a lifestyle of worship and compassion. The main aim of these institutions is to provide personalized instruction to each of its students. These personalized instructions start from ancient teachings to contemporary tantra techniques and practices. A student learns how to access powerful inner resources which can be used to access and unleash the power hidden within him or her.

The Tantra institutes teach eight core teachings, namely, the path of existence (dhatu) and the yogic path (rta). The first module is primarily focused on the path of existence (dhatu), which is believed to correspond to the physical world. The second module mainly concentrates on the yogic path (rta), which is believed to correspond to our ethical and intellectual life; the third module on learning and improving Kundalini awakening and the fourth on attaining Kundalini Shakti.

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