CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles are a great way to get started with the potential benefits of this natural compound. Unlike CBD tinctures or vapes, which have a short absorption period when placed under the tongue or inhaled, edibles take time to digest and enter the bloodstream. This means it can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes for CBD gummies to kick in, but the effects last longer than tinctures or vapes do.

Depending on the product, CBD gummies can be made with either full-spectrum or isolate CBD. Isolate is a chemically-purified form of CBD that has been stripped of all other cannabinoids except for the most prominent one — cannabidiol. Full-spectrum CBD gummies are made with a mixture of the plant’s cannabinoid compounds, giving them more complete healing properties than an isolate.

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Most people are familiar with the idea of a CBD candy, as they can be found in most stores that sell cannabis products. However, there are also a variety of other types of CBD edibles. These include CBD infused mints, CBD honey, and even CBD chocolate bars.

It’s important to read CBD edible labels carefully. Look for third-party laboratory testing, which verifies the ingredient list and CBD content purity. This is a mark of a reputable company that values transparency and quality ingredients. You should also choose a product that offers a label accuracy guarantee, which ensures that the manufacturer will reimburse you if your CBD doesn’t meet the advertised potency.

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