Choosing Entry Doors For Your Home


entry doors

When you’re looking for new entry doors for your home, it’s important to choose a modern doors that is attractive and sturdy. Steel doors are more affordable than wooden doors but can offer significant long-term value. The cost of a steel door will depend on the style and option choices you make, so it’s important to know the details before you make the purchase. A good place to start is the ProVia Design Center, which features design tools and ideas for different styles and materials.


Fiberglass entry doors are another great option for your home because they combine low maintenance with high performance. These doors are scratch-resistant and will never rust. They also have smooth, rounded edges and are available in four different grains. They are also affordable, and are often installed with a composite frame for maximum energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors can come with glass or solid panels.

Steel doors can be a great choice for the entry of your home, but you should know that they will rust if you hose them. If you choose a steel door, you should invest in a coat of paint to keep it in good condition. Fiberglass doors are also more energy efficient than steel doors, as they don’t let air escape, which could increase your utilities.

Entry doors can feature a variety of decorative elements to help make the entryway look inviting. They can also feature sidelights, which are fixed windows attached to the door frame. Sidelights are usually tall and narrow, and add architectural interest to the door. Other decorative features include a transom, which is a fixed glass window above the door. Besides being decorative, transoms help to lighten up the entryway.

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