Cool Websites to Relieve Boredom

Whenever we get bored, we look for websites that provide us with cool content. The young generation enjoys humour and entertainment related content. There are many websites that provide this kind of content. These websites have been designed to help people relieve boredom. These websites can also be profitable. These websites can be monetized through affiliate marketing and other types of advertisements.

What websites do you usually visit when you’re bored?

How Stuff Works provides fun facts about different topics. They include illustrations and video. This website is also a great way to learn vocabulary. They can also be used to help with self-diagnosis. URL :

Designed to simulate the effect of gravity, Mix is great for Harry Potter fans. The website also provides information on celestial bodies and other facts. The website also includes quizzes and a merchandise shop. The website also allows users to participate in a Sorting Ceremony.

Another great website is Oddee. They have a collection of odd stories and news articles. They also keep submitters anonymous. They also have a lot of flash games. This website is fun and informative. They also provide cool sound effects and animation. They also provide postcards for you to write down mysteries.

Another website that provides a lot of entertainment is BuzzFeed. They have a variety of content categories including pop culture toys, awkward office comedy, and other fun stuff. They also have quizzes, games, and other interesting things to do. They also have a great selection of music and entertainment-related content.

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