Dot Stickers – Fun Activities For Your Toddler

dot stickers

Dot stickers are a fun way to practice fine motor dot stickers  and handwriting with your toddler! These dot stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for tracing letter outlines, writing names or coloring pictures.

Sticker Train Match Activity

This fun activity will help your child develop fine motor skills and color sorting skills at the same time! Draw a train on a piece of paper and invite your child to cover it with dot stickers. You may also choose to use colored permanent markers for this activity to make it more attractive.

Bingo Game

You can make a bingo board by cutting out squares from a piece of 4×5 paper. You can put the stickers in different spots on each square to make this game more challenging. If you have a lot of stickers, you can also make the boards smaller and laminate them for durability.

The Power of Dot Stickers: Creative Ways to Use Custom Colored Dots for Organizing, Tracking, and Decorating

Putting stickers on body parts like arms and legs is an excellent way to work on gross motor skills. This is especially helpful for toddlers as they are still learning how to manipulate their bodies and are developing coordination.

Pulling a sticker off a page is another great fine motor skill to practice with your toddler. It is a bit tricky for them at first so be patient and help your toddler move their hand towards the page to position it so that they can lift the sticker off.

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