Heavy Duty Velcro Straps

heavy duty velcro straps

Heavy duty velcro straps  straps are a great way to get organized. They are perfect for hanging bikes, golf clubs and sporting equipment as well as pool hoses, ladders, extension cords, suitcases and more. They are also great for hanging tools and equipment in the back of your truck, RV or boat.

VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Fasteners

These heavy duty velcro straps are designed to hold heavier items and maintain their attachment even when they are infrequently opened and closed. They are also suitable for outdoor use and have 50% more holding power than standard VELCRO tapes, strips or dots.

How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Needs

VELCRO Brand Heavy-Duty Cinch Straps

These straps are made from a combination of genuine VELCRO brand hook and loop, and a hardened metal ring to offer a strong and durable closure. These are a much stronger alternative to plastic ring cinch straps which typically break under the weight of larger bundles.

VELCRO Brand Easy Hang Straps with Heavy-Duty Carabineer

These handy velcro straps are a simple way to keep your garage or shed neat and tidy. They are designed to wrap around larger or awkwardly shaped items, and a sturdy carabiner stays secure on various anchor points for quick and easy attachment.

VELCRO Brand EASY HANG straps are perfect for maximizing space and organizing everything from bikes, golf clubs and sports equipment to pool hoses, ladders, extension cables and more; and are also great for hanging tools and equipment in your truck, RV or boat. They are easy to use and reusable.

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