How Couples Therapy Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Whether you are looking to revive your relationship, address issues related to money or sex, or work through infidelity, Couples Therapy is an effective treatment for couples at all stages of their relationship. Research has shown that couples who commit to therapy together are more likely to experience a stronger, long-term connection with each other.URL :

During the first sessions, your therapist will interview you and your partner to get to know you as a pair. The therapist will listen to your history as a couple, and they will ask questions about each person’s family of origin, values and cultural background. By listening to your whole story, the therapist will start to see underlying patterns of behavior that contribute to your distress.

Healing and Growth: The Journey of Couples Therapy

The therapist will then work to understand your goals for couples counseling. Everyone’s goals are different, but some common objectives include improving communication skills, addressing sexual problems or infidelity, working through conflict resolution, and increasing trust.

Most of the time, you will meet with your therapist in groups or pairs. Occasionally, the therapist will meet with you both one-on-one to help you express feelings that you might feel uncomfortable bringing up in front of your partner. This is called conjoint couples therapy or co-therapy. Most of the time, however, the therapist will treat you both as a pair. Some therapists use a couples-oriented approach called conflict resolution therapy (CBCT), which focuses on the interaction between two people and their individual belief systems about relationships and marriage.

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