How to Find an EV Near Me


Electric vehicles offer drivers a range of benefits that help to make driving a pleasure. They’re quiet, have a lower carbon footprint than traditional gasoline-powered cars and are less expensive to operate. There’s also a wide range of models, cruising ranges and price points available to help you find an EV that’s just right for your lifestyle and budget.

Ev near me ownership works best when you have access to a reliable charging station near your home or work, but public chargers are increasingly available in communities nationwide. These chargers can be found in a variety of locations, including parking garages next to office buildings and at large shopping centers. Some are free, while others charge on a pay-per-hour basis.

Electric Vehicle Company: Innovators and Market Leaders

The cost to recharge an EV depends on where you live and the battery size of your EV. We’ve used state average electricity rates to calculate the estimated cost of recharging a vehicle, and factored in its useable battery capacity. For example, an EV with a 40-kWh battery will take about an hour to recharge using an average public charger.

You can find EV charging stations near you in the Way app, or by searching for “ev near me” on the Google map. NYC DOT has installed 100 curbside EV charging ports at parking spaces across the five boroughs, with more being added as part of our EVolve NY initiative. These charging ports can be used for free with an EV driver’s membership, or on a pay-per-hour basis.

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