How to Find the Best Travel Agency for Destination Weddings


The best travel agency for destination weddings will have experience, insights and relationships with the local destination you’re getting married in. The right partner can help with all the logistics—from finding your venue, to securing group rates and discounts on hotel rooms for you and your guests. Plus, they’ll be your on-the-ground support if anything changes or goes wrong while you’re planning the big day.

A great travel agent will be easy to communicate with, and they should keep up with your planning schedule to ensure everything stays on track. It’s also helpful if they have worked with other couples who are getting married at the same location you’re, as this will give them insight into what to expect, and how to navigate any unique situations that might come up during your planning process.

From Beachside Bliss to Mountain Retreats: Top Travel Agents for Destination Weddings

While you may be tempted to work with the travel agent who plans your family’s annual vacation, you should try to find one that specializes in destination weddings. “Destination wedding travel specialists have the expertise and insight to set you up for success,” says Jen Avey, VP of Marketing at Destination Weddings Travel Group.

Located in Savage, Minnesota, Wanderin Wonders is the ultimate honeymoon and destination wedding travel agency. Their team curates romantic experiences that will take your breath away. They’re known for their attention to detail, expertise in romance travel and hospitality, and a passion for helping people create unforgettable moments. If you’re ready to get started, they offer a free consultation to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

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