How to Make a Balloon Banner

A balloon banner is a fun, inexpensive way to decorate your party! They can also make a great backdrop for a photo shoot.

PTOs and PTAs often use balloon arches to frame the stage at graduation ceremonies or as a backdrop for dance photos. They’re a simple but effective way to transform a school gym or cafeteria into a special space.

What You Need to Build a Balloon Arch

A few supplies are all you need to get started. You’ll need a balloon pump (or if you’re a DIY pro, an electric one) and latex balloon banner in various sizes.

You’ll also need fishing line and a balloon decorating strip. You can purchase this at your local party supply store or online.

How to Start Building Your Garland

Next, cut the balloon strip to your desired length of garland. This will depend on the size of your balloons and the look you’re going for. You’ll want to allow for some curves.

To hang your garland, tie long pieces of string to each end. Place the garland in front of you, then mark where you want to hang it.

When you’re ready to add your balloons, attach them to the strip by pushing the knotted ends through an opening in the strip. Then pull the strip up so that the balloons are in the smaller of two circles. Repeat until the garland is as tall as you like it.

You can add more interest to your balloon garland by using 5″ balloons to fill in gaps. These can be glued with glue dots or cool melt glue gun, depending on the type of event and style you’re going for.

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