How to Pick a Lock Like a Professional Burglar

professional lock pick

Professional lock pick our homes, cars, diaries and other possessions safe from intruders. But they aren’t indestructible and can be broken. Rather than smashing a window or breaking into an apartment, knowing how to pick a lock can get you inside quickly and without leaving any marks. While it may sound like the kind of thing a professional burglar would do, even an amateur can open 90% of locks in less than a minute and without any damage.

The key is to use the right tools, and there are many different types of picks on the market. Some work best for raking (using a comb-like motion to move pins up and down in a lock to free it) while others are better for single-pin picking. The best picks are versatile, and most come in a set that allows you to use both styles for maximum flexibility.

There are also specialty locks that can be hard to open with a standard pick set, such as wafer and tubular locks. You’ll need a dedicated kit for those types of locks.

Mastering Lock Picking with the Perfect Tool Set: A Comprehensive Overview

The first step in the process of opening a lock is inserting the tension wrench and applying pressure to the plug (the part of the lock that turns). It’s important not to apply too much pressure or the lock will freeze or reset. Once you have identified the binding pin, gently lift and set it with your pick while maintaining steady pressure on the wrench. This is a delicate process that can take a lot of patience, but with practice you’ll be able to open any lock in seconds!

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