How to Style Men’s Wavy Hair

wavy hair men

If you’re wondering how to style wavy hair men, there are plenty of options. You can try one of the many short haircuts or go for a more classic look. Just be sure you use the right hair products and follow some simple tips.

First of all, choose a barber who knows how to cut wavy hair. He should keep the hair short on the sides, and cut it low on the back. This will help the waves stand out, and will make it easier to manage.

The best way to keep the wavy waves from becoming too stiff is to use a blow dryer with a diffuser. Also, you can secure your hair with a low-heat ponytail or a bun.

A good shampoo is also necessary. You can use a mousse or a volumizing spray to make your hair look voluminous. Try a weekly hair mask to keep your hair from drying out.

The Short Brush Cut: A Haircut for Men with a Round Face

The final thing you can do is to choose a styling product that works with your particular wavy hair. You can try a light pomade or a sea salt spray. Don’t use too much of the product, or your hair may become greasy.

Another option for wavy hair is a textured crop. This style works well with a man’s wavy hair because it creates a polished look. It is especially appropriate for thick, unruly waves.

A simple updo or a low man bun will also work nicely. If you are going to comb your hair, consider using a wide tooth comb.

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