Hyperbaric Chamber Rental in Dallas TX

The Hyperbaric chamber rental in Dallas TX s a pressure-controlled device that combines air with high levels of concentrated oxygen. It allows our lungs and body tissues to absorb more oxygen than would be possible in normal atmospheres, resulting in a significant boost in the healing process. This therapy can improve many conditions, from severe burns to carbon monoxide poisoning.

How much is HBOT USA?

During treatment, you’ll relax in a cotton gown with pillows and blankets as the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber slowly increases. You may hear a hissing sound or feel the pressure in your ears, similar to the feeling on an airplane when descending. You can pass the time by watching television or a movie, sleeping, listening to music or a podcast, or playing card games. You’ll also be able to communicate with the healthcare provider who is monitoring you.

At Texas Health Dallas, we have one of the largest multiplace hyperbaric medicine units in the state and are accredited by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Our staff is experienced in delivering hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients with a wide variety of conditions. Our facility is one of only a few in North Texas that offers advanced wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy and is a Divers Alert Network referral center. We provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients from all over the world who are seeking treatment for serious wounds, traumatic brain injuries and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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