Local Equipment For Hire In Adelaide

Renting is a great way to get access to machinery that you would otherwise be unable to afford. By avoiding the upfront costs of purchase, you can get to work faster and start earning more money from your project sooner. Additionally, leasing helps you to avoid having idle inventory that can drain your cashflow and make it harder to turn a profit.

What is the meaning of equipment hire?

For example, GripOnSet is a video production company that offers specialised filming Equipment Rental for hire such as the movietech alpha Electronic column/base dolly, sliders and tracks. These are a must-have for filmmakers to be able to capture smooth movements and high quality shots. Their rentals are priced at a very reasonable cost for the quality of equipment they offer.

The Hirer will, at the Hirer’s own expense, keep the Equipment in a good and presentable condition, normal and reasonable wear and tear excepted. If the Equipment is damaged or lost beyond repair, the Owner will be entitled to charge a replacement cost to the Hirer.

The Hirer will report and pay all taxes, fees and charges relating to the use of the Equipment including but not limited to sales taxes, property tax and any other taxes that may be applicable to the Rental. The Hirer is also responsible for ensuring that the Rental is insured in respect of fire, theft and water damage. If the Hirer fails to do so, the Owner is entitled to cancel this Agreement immediately.

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