Neon Signs Value Guide

A neon sign can add a unique feel to your storefront. The lighting can help to create an energetic atmosphere for customers and attract them in. However, the signs can also be expensive.

Neon sign neon signs value guide depend on a few key factors. For example, vintage signs are typically more valuable than newer ones. In addition, the condition of a sign plays an important role in its value. Signs that are in good working condition are worth more than those that have broken glass or rust.

Guiding the Glow: Understanding the Value of Neon Signs with a Comprehensive Guide

Other factors that influence neon sign price include the shape, wording, and logos of the business. For example, a vintage beer neon sign from the 1920s is more likely to sell for more money than one from the 1960s. Signs that have a fun or festive message, such as ‘cocktails’ or ‘eat’, are also often more appealing to collectors. Shaped signs such as fish, Coke bottles, guitars, and ice cream cones are also popular with collectors. Old neon signs for cigarette companies are usually also more valuable than simple, text-based signs.

Neon signs are a popular choice for home and office decor. They can add a vintage look to any room and make a great conversation piece. You can find vintage neon signs at auctions, antique shops, and online. You can also search for them at junkyards, swap meets, and rummage sales. However, if you want to save money on a neon sign, it is best to check the condition of the sign and whether it works when plugged in before purchasing it.

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