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For those who are passionate about the history, culture and beaches of Rio de Janeiro, a  private tour guide in rio is a great option. You can enjoy your holidays in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world while saving money at the same time. Private transportation is always an option in case you do not have a car or do not wish to use it. The city is quite safe and secure as many of the tourists who visit it come back year after year.

Sugar Loaf and the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

There are many options to choose from while choosing a tour for the Rio de Janeiro, such as a boat tour around Copacabana beach, a walking tour around the heart of the city, a tour on the Pura Vida bridge or a private Santa Teresita tour. Each of these options has its own charm and is suited to the taste of the tourist. The boat trip around Copacabana beach takes you past the slums and shacks where vendors sell everything under the sun. Along the way you will see the statue of Christ the Redeemer as well as the grandiose skyline of Rio de Janeiro.

If your idea of Rio de Janeiro vacation is a stroll along the beach then a guided walking tour on the beach is also a good idea. As you pass by the beautiful beaches, you will be treated to magnificent views of the city. You will get to learn about the rich history of Rio de Janeiro from the local men and women who live by the sea. A great time can be had in the heart of the city while having a relaxing time with your family on your personal Brazil tour.

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