The Jaguar E-Type

jaguar e type

The Jaguar E-Type is probably the most famous sports car in history, a model that still dominates the motoring scene sixty years after its launch at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show. Its sculptural styling and revo-lutionary design are what make it so unique.

Unlike other cars launched in 1960, the E-Type was designed, built and tested by a relatively small team of people at Browns Lane. They were able to produce only four or five prototypes in two-three years, which was more than enough time to test the model and ensure it was ready for sale. Read more

There are a number of different E-Type variants, each with their own set of modifications. Some of the most popular include a 2+2 coupe, a more powerful engine and full synchromesh transmissions.

The Jaguar E-Type and its Influence on Modern Car Design

The 4.2L straight-six engine in Series 1 cars is capable of 260 horsepower, which can take you from 0-60 in 6.9 seconds. The 4.2L engine in Series 2 cars has a slightly different layout with four-rotors instead of three, which allows them to deliver much more torque.

Some of the original E-Types were modified by racing drivers, like the Low Drag Coupe and Lightweight E-Type. These one-off cars are rare and highly sought after by collectors today.

The E-Type is a classic car that works well on highways and mountain roads. It is a car that can be used for daily driving and even cruising with friends in the evenings. Its 4.2L engine has plenty of power and is also very reliable.

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