Top Megatrends for Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

The beauty industry continues to thrive despite economic and societal turmoil. Consumers are demanding more from the brands they buy from, focusing on quality and meaning in what they purchase. They want products that help them feel confident and empowered, whether they are boosting a natural glow, fortifying the skin microbiome or empowering their mood with calming scents. Check It Out

Bold lips remain a key beauty trend for 2022. Whether they’re matte or glossy, bold lip colors can be worn in any shade to flatter every skin tone. Long lashes are another must-have look this season, with curtain, blunt and fringe styles being popular for a face-framing change. A fresh, dewy complexion is another beauty staple that’s in style – influencers are calling it “glazed donut” skin. To help achieve this, moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and other hydrating ingredients are in demand.

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DIY beauty is also on the rise, with many consumers opting for salon or spa-level results at home. For example, at-home hair dye brands like Madison Reed and DpHue have seen a significant spike in sales. Laser treatments like those from Silk’N and LED light therapies from Theradome are other at-home beauty trends that are gaining popularity.

Sustainability is one of the top megatrends for beauty in 2022, with search volume up more than 200% since 2019. To capitalize on this, clean brands will continue to push for transparency, and some are even creating products from upcycled ingredients. For example, a new brand called ‘Ingredients’ uses 100% pure high-concentration plant-based ingredients and states that information clearly on the front of the packaging.

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