Underfloor Heating Depth

Underfloor heating (UFH) is a form of heating that is laid in the floor of your home, allowing heat to radiate upwards. It is a popular choice for new build projects as it can be taken into account during the design stage and is not affected by ceiling heights. URL https://underfloorheatingscreed.uk

The UFH pipework can either be embedded in the floor screed or float on top of it. The most common option is a wet underfloor heating system, where the pipes are buried in the floor screed. This is also the most energy-efficient and suitable for both concrete and timber floors.

With a wet system, the pipe is heated with water or a mixture of water and anti-freeze in a closed loop that is recirculated from the boiler. It requires a larger water storage tank than a traditional central heating system and needs to be fed by a manifold, usually located in a store cupboard.

UFH Screed: Ensuring Efficient Underfloor Heating Installation

The wet system can be used with most types of flooring including solid wood, engineered wood and vinyl / linoleum. It is also possible to lay a concrete slab with UFH as long as the correct insulation is in place.

The other option is a semi-dry system, where the pipes are installed on top of the floor insulation. This is not as efficient as the wet system but it is ideal for renovation projects and is suitable for both concrete and timber floor slabs. It can be used with any type of floor covering and is more flexible than a wet system.

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