Why You Shouldn’t Use “Click Here to Visit” in Your Links


Click here to visit

“Click here to visit” hyperlinks have a number of drawbacks. For one thing, they’re terrible for search engine optimization. The reason is that Google reads web pages and follows all the links. It compares phrases people use to link to a page with the text on the page to determine context. By using a “Click here” hyperlink, half of the context that Google needs to make a decision is removed.

How you should use Your Links?

Click here to visit “Click here” is also confusing because it doesn’t explain the purpose of the link. It’s best to use short descriptive words that explain what the link is for and the context of the link. The phrase “Click here” is also a throwback to the late 1990s, when the web was a new technology. Most people didn’t know how to use it and needed to be told to point their mouse to the link to visit the site. Nowadays, visitors understand the meaning of a link and understand how to use it. Stop patronizing your visitors by using this outdated phrase.

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